Harmonia Club Bowling Lanes

Brunswick A pinsetters
Installed around 1971
Bowling since 1938
Current leagues Winter 10 teams, Summer 6 teams
Club President Joe Slota
Alley manager Tony Janczewski
Oil system Hand oiled, Hudson sprayer.
Stripping system Hand Stripped

2005-2006 champs PCW           
2006-2007 champs Not So New
2007-2008 champs PCW           

Summer league Champs
2004 ABF
2005 ABF
2006 ABF
2007 B-Town
2008 B-Town

Harmonia Lanes.  2 Lanes in Basement of the Harmonia Club  Notice the heater element on the right side



Broken Rake Arm on Alley #1

No Frills SBE installed on Jan 20th

Other Half of SBE installed on Jan 20

Top View of SBE

Area Behind the lanes Often Water soaked


Front View of  Pinsetter alley #1

Top View of Pinsetter alley #1

Diagonal view of pinsetter Alley #2


Model Plate alley #1


Model Plate alley #2

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